With the start of the NFL season approaching this week, and the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings battling against one another in the NFC North, we thought we would line up our All-NBA Pro Bowl Team for the 2014 season.

So as the offense lines up in Madden 14, we have listed our selection of Pro Bowl offensive players and their equivalent NBA counterparts. Let the fun begin.

*Note: We really don’t know much about gridiron other than being fans!



Quarterback – Peyton Manning/Kobe Bryant

GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) status for both guys, and both known as super cerebral. Manning returned last year from neck surgery to post unholy numbers and single-handedly win multiple fantasy leagues across the states. We will now wait and see if Kobe can sling his way back into dominance.

Running Back – Adrian Peterson/Lebron James

This was the first one I wrote down. Just seemed logical to me. Both physical specimens who have seemingly defied the laws of nature to dominate at their positions. Google shirtless photos of each and you will see what I mean.

Wide Receiver – AJ Green/Kevin Durant

Quiet, humble, no fuss guys who just keep being awesome at stuff. You can probably mix and match these receivers and their NBA clones, but put these two together for personality and playing in small markets. KD has the superstar status, but there is no doubt both guys are the most important to their teams.

Wide Receiver – Calvin Johnson/Anthony Davis

Long, rangy, and able to do things that no other player in the game can do. Megatron is a superstar, and just needs a few more pieces around him (or the coaching change made this season…*cough Monty Williams) to take that next step. Anthony Davis has proven this summer that he is on the cusp of greatness, and likewise, just needs a few things to go his way.

Wide Receiver – Dez Bryant/Paul George

Let’s say we did this before the gruesome injury… both guys love to dunk, love to celebrate, occasionally get in teammates grills. Pretty divisive players who are super talented, but nobody really knows just how good they could be.

Left Tackle – Joe Thomas/Tim Duncan

Has been great since the jump- enough said. No, but seriously, Joe Thomas has been to 7 straight Pro Bowls and has only been in the league 7 years. The Big Fundamental… well you know his resume. Consistency is key in this comparison.

Left Guard – Kyle Long/Klay Thompson

Bear with me here. Klay Thompson isn’t your prototypical Offensive Lineman I know, but this comparison is all about pedigree. Pro Bowl(er) Long is the son of NFL great Howie Long, while Klay is the son of NBA Champion Mychal Thompson, so they are both in for their father-son contributions.

Centre – Ryan Kalil/Blake Griffin

The link here is all off field/court. Both guys have worked with Will Ferrell on sporting spoof films, and share a love of goofing around on camera. Kalil was recently given a franchise tag by Carolina, and became the highest paid centre in NFL history. Likewise Griffin is clearly a franchise guy and a massive part of the future for the Clippers. Easy comparison to make here.

Right Guard – Louis Vasquez/Dwight Howard

This is a strength comparison. I want to see a flex off! Both guys are known for being incredibly strong and having shoulders that can carry entire teams. Get the bench press out and put these guys to work.

Right Tackle – Jason Peters/Boogie Cousins

I wanted to put Ndamukong Suh here, but he plays on the wrong side of the ball. So I picked the next craziest guy I could fine in the pro bowl list. Enter Jason Peters, who has been arrested for Disturbing the peace, playing loud music, speeding, and resisting arrest. Seems pretty crazy right? You know who else is incredibly talented and a little crazy? Boooooggiiieee!

Tight End – Jimmy Graham/Kevin Love

Off-season controversy surrounded both guys this year, with Graham holding out on contract talks and Love obviously dominating headlines with his move to Cleveland. Interestingly, Graham played four years of college basketball at Miami, before making the switch to football. Both guys just put up crazy numbers and are on teams that are championship contenders.

Bring on the NFL season and hopefully we can see a Bears vs Vikings NFC Championship game.. unlikely as it may be.


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