Feature: Inking the NBA…with Emojis

Hands up who just got re-upped?! 

Mike Scott earned a new deal with Hawks recently (terms were not disclosed), and I couldn’t be happier for the guy! From the few (and that’s very few) Hawks games I watched last season, Scott seems to really have earned his new contract. The Hawks’s second round pick in 2012 (43rd overall) showed great promise last season for a team struck down with injury, averaging per-36 numbers of 18.6 points and 6.9 rebounds on 48% shooting from the field. It’s pretty good for a second rounder who also threw down this monster dunk in the playoffs:


His play is promising and we hope the best for him for the upcoming season. But I’m sure we’d all agree one of his greatest assets are his many Emoji tattoos he has.



This, in our offseason boredom, led us to examine: What would be the most suitable Emoji tattoos other NBA players could adorn themselves with?


Carmelo Anthony and the OK Hand Sign

160x160x109-ok-hand-sign.png.pagespeed.ic.IrT_LWC1hvEvery player has their thing after big plays. LeBron had his push-down-stomping-step thing. KD points to the sky after his last free throw if he makes it. Melo’s thing is the three fingers to the temple after a big three. He really gives himself a good poke in the head with them, but with all the adrenaline running through him he probably doesn’t feel it. But all that poking definitely can’t be good for you. There must be some residual effects that impair his judgement (Bulls fans: team choice perhaps?). So for the safety of Melo, and just so he can point to his tattoo, we’d like him to ink the OK Sign onto his temple. No more headaches!

DeMarcus Cousins and the Speak No Evil Monkey

demarcus_cousins_starters 0798 - CopyBoogie has been a firecracker in previous seasons, exploding at refs, teammates and sideline announcers. But he’s turning the corner! Making Team USA, surrounded by the best, I’m ready for a new Boogie for season 2015-16. But old habits die hard, and we really want to see more Boogie on the court displaying his talents than T’d up and out of games. So the Speak No Evil Monkey on the hand would be a great inking for Cousins, as a reminder to chill and keep his mouth shut. Actually, better make it on both hands.


Kahwi Leonard and the Speech Balloon 

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks189-speech-balloonKawhi, we know you don’t want to talk. You just want to ball. And get better. And win chips. No reporters bothering you. No press or media. This is the perfect way to own it. Perhaps tattooed over the mouth with three diamonds from your latest championship rings as the three dots. Then there’s no need for “No comment”. You just sit there!


Kobe Bryant (and entire Lakers roster) and the Hundred Points Symbol.

lakershundred-points-symbolKobe is in striking distance of passing up MJ on the all-time scoring ranks. But let’s face it, coming back from an injury plagued last couple of years, nothing is certain or guaranteed. Even if it looks like Kobe could reach the mark by Christmas. The Mamba needs to focus more than ever and take it to the distance. The Lakers aren’t winning anything next year, so in the interests of team unity and bonding, why not commit to the greatest Laker raising his legacy a notch. Come training camp, the team should Uber their way to the nearest tattoo parlour and all get the Hundred Points Symbol tattoo as a commitment to trying to get Kobe 100 points or at least 100 shots a game. I’m sure Boozer would be first in line: “GIMME TATT!” (sorry).


Derrick Rose and the Four Leaf Clover

Derrick+Rose+IyOSIKU6nsFm 0259Because as a Bulls fan, I’ll take anything I can get.

…on both knees please.




That’s it for now and keeping in the spirit:





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